Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Weekend

Happy Tuesday!  Today I am sharing a picture of my sisters and mom.  (My other sister Amanda isn't in this picture... I'm sure that I'll post a picture of her soon)  My sister Lisa is headed to Arizona for college.  I'll miss her a lot.  This picture is taken up at my cabin.  I love it there!  Every 24th of July we head up to my cabin for our annual bonfire.  It's a huge family reunion with tons of food and dancing.

These are my two cousins that I love a lot!  Best weekend ever!  Don't forget to check back tomorrow for my ornament tutorial!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

DIY Lantern Tutorial

I am super excited about this lantern!  It turned out so cute and it was so quick and easy to make! You could bust out a couple of these and some fishing wire and you have instant decorations for your next outdoor party!  Here's a close up:

  Ok, on to the tutorial:

The first step is to cut a 12x12 piece of Designer Series Paper in half.  This paper is key because you will be able to see inside your lantern, and it is always great when there is a coordinating color and pattern on the other side.

Then you are going to cut strips that are 1 1/2" wide, but make sure that you don't cut all the way through to the bottom of the paper.  Leave about an inch at the bottom.  Here's a picture of what I mean:

Continue cutting until you reach the end of your paper.

Then you will unfold your paper and pull the sides together.  The next step is to glue the two overlapping strips to make your lantern.  I added some fun strips of coordinating card stock to finish off the look.  Here's one more picture of the finished project:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

DIY Ornament

I am so excited about this ornament!  I modeled it after the the cover of the Holiday Catalog that will be released on August 1st.  To celebrate this new catalog I will post a tutorial on how to make this darling ornament.  Click HERE to view the tutorial.  Here's a close up:

This makes me so excited for Christmas!  Here is one more view of my ornament:

I love this!!  I think that I am going to make another one.. maybe change up a few things.  Don't forget to check back on Wednesday for the tutorial on how to make this!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pinterest Picks

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest Picks for the week:

Mason Lid Wreath

Herring Bone Flats

Chevron Lamp Shade

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chevron Birthday Card

Happy Thursday to everyone!  As promised this is my sister's birthday card.  I love the chevron!  To do this I used my Chevron Embossing Folder and I inked it up with my ink pad.  The effect turned out super cute I think!  I'm sure that a lot of you are wondering why in the world I chose orange right?!  Well, that's my sister Amy's favorite color, so I had to add some fun orange touches!  Here's a close up of my card:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Demolition Derby Time!

Today I want to share with you the awesome tradition that my family has of going to the Demolition Derby every year in Kamas, Utah.  I look super tired in these pictures because I came straight here from convention... I was exhausted, but I couldn't miss the Demolition Derby!  Elizabeth was a good sport and came along with me.  Here is a picture that will help you understand what a Demolition Derby is:

Yep that's right in a Demolition Derby cars intentionally crash into each other, and the last car running/moving wins a cash prize!  It is super fun!  My family has gone to this every year that I can remember.  My dad said that he can't remember a time when he didn't come to the demolition derby.  Some family traditions are awesome!  

This last picture is of my and my sister Amy.  It's her birthday today... Happy birthday Amy I love you!  She is turning 16!  Wow, I must be getting old!  Stay tuned tomorrow and you will see the birthday card that I made for her... it will involve orange, because that's her favorite color.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elephant Birthday Card

Happy 24th of July everyone!  I hope that everyone in Utah is having a lovely state holiday.  I will be having a BBQ at my aunt's house tonight. We will also be celebrating my little cousin's birthday, so of course I had to make her a card!  Some of you may remember my model Alex when I made a flower girl crown.  Here is a picture of Alex:

To see the tutorial for this crown click HERE.  I also wanted to show you a close up of my elephant card that I made for Alex:

I hope that Alex likes this, and I also hope that she has a very lovely birthday!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Stampin Up! Convention 2012

Hi everyone!  Today I want to share with you our convention theme song video! 

I am in this video 2x!  See if you can find me.  I'll give you a hint... I'm at the end!  I work with the best people in the world!  We clearly have a lot of fun don't we?!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Easy Party Favor Using Summer Smooches

Happy Sunday everyone!  I am super excited to show you this darling little treat topper idea!  This could be darling for a favor at a wedding, baby shower or birthday party!  Especially if you have a  sweet Shop theme!  Here is a close up:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lolly Cupcake Topper

I love this little cupcake topper!  I think that this could be perfect for a baby shower or a wedding!  This would be such a darling personal touch.  Can you imagine a darling centerpiece for a table that coordinates with this?  I can and I think that it would be cute!  Here is another close up:

Is it bad to be proud of my own projects, because I love this one!  To learn how to make lollies click HERE.  I use these little lollies for so many projects!  My Simply Scored has been well loved :)  Here is one more view of my little cupcake topper:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinterest Picks

Hi everyone!  I hope that you like a few of my favorite Pinterest Picks this week:

Darling Shoes

Yummy Sweet Potato Fries

Love This Quote

DIY Palet Art

These are what has inspired me lately.  Come and check me out on Pinterest to see what else has caught my eye.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pinwheel Card

Hello everyone!  I know that I have been on a pinwheel kick lately... and I love them!  This card would be super fun to give to a friend for any reason... probably a happy one?!  Here's a close up:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Swaps, Swaps, and More Swaps!

Hello everyone!  I hope that you are having a lovely day!  Today I wanted to share with you the card that I will be swapping at Stampin Up's convention this week:

Are you wondering what I meant by swapping?  Well, all you do is trade cards with other Stampin Up! demonstrators. Kind of fun huh?!  I made a card that was a little more detailed, but I ran out of time to add all of the embellishments that I wanted.  To check out the original click HERE.  I also wanted to show you a close up of the cards that I made:

I am so excited for my first Convention!  4 days of everything Stampin Up!  This is going to be great!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everything Eleanor Sympathy Card

I have a good friend who has a cousin who was just hit by a car.  Doesn't that sound awful?  She is currently in a coma.  If you can spare any prayers for Kennedy that would be super awesome.  I made this card for my friend and her family.  Here's a close up:

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Trip To The Narrows

This weekend I went and hiked the narrows at Zions National Park with some friends.  It was gorgeous!  It rained a lot this weekend... so we couldn't hike the whole 16 miles.  I think that we ended up doing just under half.  It was gorgeous!  Here's what one spot looked like:

You literally have to hike through the water and there are walls of rock on both sides.  It was amazingly beautiful. 

When we finished we saw this sign!  While we were hiking they ended up closing the Narrows.  Luckily we made it out ok and still had tons of fun.  Check back tomorrow for some more paper crafting!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Luck Banner

I had another dear friend leave work this week... Don't worry you are probably beginning to think that I never keep coworkers... that isn't true.  I think that it's just a moment when I am saying goodbye a lot.  Here are some close ups:

I love the colors of the International Bazaar Designer Series Paper!  I think that the colors are so fun.

I thought about adding some other fun little accents, but I think that the simplicity turned out being so much cuter.  What do you think?

Here is one more close up, so that you can see how darling the prints of this paper are:

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pinwheel Cupcake Topper

Hallelujah it's Saturday!  I am hiking the Narrows in Zions National Park today!  I thought that a cute cupcake topper would be a great way to celebrate Summer and Saturday.  Here's a close up of my darling little pinwheel:

If you want to know how to make a pinwheel click HERE for a tutorial.  I love this World Spectacular Designer Series Paper!  It is cute and has a vintage touch.  Here is one more view of my pinwheel cupcake topper:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pinterest Picks

Today I'm going to share some things that I have been pinning lately.  I would love for y'all to follow me on Pinterest and see more of what I love!

Swiss Flag Quilt

Blue Union Jack Pillow

Awesome Blue Ring

Amazing Boots

I seriously would love to own these things!  Check back tomorrow for a darling project that I am super excited to share with you!